Civilization, Marco Brambilla
A huge source of inspiration for all of the WebTime pieces and a serious motivator behind the obsessive nature of their production. Civilization is a content mash-up of the highest quality, one that creates a truly unique media experience far more than the sum of its pieces, and one the scope and subject matter of which makes it worthy of an extended and worshipful gaze.
Étienne-Jules Marey
A pioneer in the effort to capture and render activity over time, and as such, a useful analog for thinking about time-based ways to approach the Web.
Listening Post, Mark Hansen & Ben Ruben
An amazing piece which transforms a specific aspect of the Web’s activity into a performative experience that demands the viewer to simply watch and listen.
Photosynth, Blaise Aguera Y Arcas
An inspiring, and mind-blowing, example of assembling massive amounts of content into new and unprecedented media platforms and experiences. The work of Blaise, and his team at Microsoft Live Labs, continues to set the bar on reinventing how we might interface with the Web.
Popcorn, Liisa Lounila
This piece beautifully illustrates the multiplicity of views that are contained in a single moment in time, and how the performance of those views can create a sort of meta-time-based experience which is fascinating and informative. This piece directly influenced the way in which the Mandala performs a single moment as a new and extended experience.
Square Circle Mosaic, Whitney Music Box, Jim Bumgardner
These two projects, and Jim Bubgardner’s work in general, had a big influence on how my Mandala piece came together.
We Feel Fine, Jonathan Harris & Sep Kamvar
This project represents the finest example yet of capturing an aspect of the Web’s performance and rendering it into a new media experience that is far more than the sum of its parts. A masterpiece of browser-based network art, and one that continues, five years after its creation, to inform and inspire my own work.

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